Online Hebrew Bible   Ex 8:18

Exodus 8:18

Nikud (with vowel pointing): show interlinear  

[v. Hif'il 1cs affix + vav-revrs.]
[prep. + def. art. + n. ms]
[def. art. + dem. pron. ms]
[n. fs]
[rel. pron.]
[n. + 1cs poss. pron.]
[v. Qal part. ms]
[prep. + 3fs obj. pron.]
[prep. + adv.]
[v. Qal inf.]
[n. ms]
[v. Qal 2ms prefix]
[subj. pron. 1cs]
[prep. + n. ms]
[def. art. + n. fs]

Stam (without vowel pointing):

English Translation:

     And I will set apart on that day the land of Goshen on which my people stands, that there will not be insects there, so that you will know that I am the L-rd in the midst of the land.

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