Online Hebrew Bible   Deut 10:11

Deuteronomy 10:11

Nikud (with vowel pointing): show interlinear  

[v. Qal 3ms prefix + vav-conv.]
[prep. + 1cs obj. pron.]
[v. Qal imp. ms]
[v. Qal imp. ms]
[prep. + n. ms]
[ + n. cs]
[conj. + v. Qal 3mp prefix juss.]
[conj. + v. Qal 3mp prefix juss.]
[def. art. + n. fs]
[rel. pron.]
[v. Nif'al 1cs affix]
[conj. + n. mp + 3mp poss. pron.]
[v. Qal inf. constr.]
[prep. + 3mp obj. pron.]

Stam (without vowel pointing):

English Translation:

     And the L-rd said to me, “Get up! Go to travel before the people; and let them enter and take possession of the land that I swore to their fathers to give to them.”

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