Online Hebrew Bible   Num 21:4

Numbers 21:4

Nikud (with vowel pointing): show interlinear  

[v. Qal 3cp]
[prep. + proper n.]
[def. art. + n. ms]
[n. cs]
[n. ms constr.]
[n. ms]
[v. Qal inf.]
[n. fs]
[proper n.]
[vav-conv. + v. Qal 2fs prefix]
[n. fs]
[ + n. cs]
[prep. + def. art. + n. cs]

Stam (without vowel pointing):

English Translation:

     And they travelled from Mt. Hor [on] the road [to] the Sea of Reeds to go around the land of Edom; and the spirit of the people became impatient on the road.