Online Hebrew Bible   Deut 1:30

Deuteronomy 1:30

Nikud (with vowel pointing): show interlinear  

[n. mp + 2mp poss. pr.]
[def. art. + v. Qal part. ms]
[prep. + 2mp obj.]
[pr. ms]
[v. Nif'al 3ms prefix]
[prep. + 2mp obj.]
[pr. + n.]
[rel. pron.]
[v. Qal 3ms affix]
[pr. + 2mp obj.]
[prep. + pr. name]
[prep. + n. + 2mp poss.]

Stam (without vowel pointing):

English Translation:

     The L-rd your G-d , who is going before you, He will fight for you like everything that He did with you in Egypt before your eyes.