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Privacy Principle

We take privacy very seriously: ours and yours! The lists we hold of our friends' contact details are never exposed to the Internet and we always send individual one-to-one emails so that no-one can see anyone else's email address. We do not share or release any of our friends' details unless required to do so by statute or a court order. You may ask us to confirm, edit or delete the data that we hold about you, at any time, although we will always enter into dialogue with you to protect you from being the victim of malicious attack and to confirm your identity and intentions. Removing your contact details will terminate any program or service that you are receiving from us using those details as a means of delivery.

Joining our tribe

You will only be joined to our contact list because you are in relationship with us - this principle underlies the way we handle and process our friends' details. In particular, you will only be added to our contact list in the following ways:

  1. if you interact with our website and explicitly give us your email address
  2. if you purchase or subscribe to any of our programs or services, so giving us your name, address, email address and details of that purchase
  3. if someone else has purchased, subscribed or donated any of our programs or services on your behalf, so giving us your name and email address
In all of these cases, we take this as your permission to send you newsletters, progress reports, or invitations.

Leaving our tribe

The easiest way to leave our tribe is to talk to us. Just hit 'reply' to one of our emails, or send us a new email of your own, to let us know what you want to do. We do not provide a web-based mechanism for this as these can be easily exploited to breach privacy and waste time.


We do not send spam in any size, shape or form. Although we invite people to take part in the various activities we offer, we do not engage in marketing; neither do we send fund-raising emails. Our email will always be either responding to you or communication between friends who are in relationship. Reporting us to your ISP for sending spam simply damages both of our reputations and casts a slur on the mission we all serve. If you are unhappy about one of our emails, hit 'reply' and let us know and we will do what we can to resolve the situation.

If you do report us to your ISP for sending spam, then we will - to protect our reputation - instantly remove you from our active contact list and will make sure that we do not contact you again. Such action on your part will terminate any program or service for which you have paid or subscribed and no refund will be offered or available.