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You are free to use this website subject to the following conditions of usage:

  1. All the material on the website may be read and used for the normal purposes of on-line viewing, free of charge and without restriction.
  2. Copyright exists in all the material on this website and is owned by Messianic Education Trust unless otherwise explicitly stated. This copyright extends to the images, logos, layout and presentation styles as well as the text material.
  3. You may not copy material from the Website without permission. All requests for permission should be addressed to the Webmaster and will normally be granted subject to the material remaining in a suitable format and including appropriate attribution, although requests for large-scale, ministry or commercial use may be assessed for approval, special terms and conditions, and an appropriate fee.

Privacy Policy

Messianic Education Trust operates a privacy policy that covers the following points:

  1. As a general rule, we do not use cookies or any other device to monitor the use of the Website or record visitors to the site or their activity on the site.
  2. Only two things will cause information about you to be collected, and both will be at your direction:
    1. subscribing to any newsletter services - in which case an email address and other personal data may be requested in order to supply the subscription you have requested
    2. purchasing any items or making a donation to the Trust - in which case contact information such as a credit card, name and address and contact information is required in order to complete the purchase or donation and to deliver merchandise
    In both cases, no names, addresses or other details are maintained in any on-line storage or retrieval systems and will be used only for the purposes for which they were given, or for sending you details of the Trust's other activities.
  3. Under no circumstances will any information collected be sold to, shared with, or divulged to any third parties (such as other ministries) save as required by statute.