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In 2011, Jonathan published a set of five Torah commentary books drawn from the first seven years of his weekly on-line Torah commentaries. Brought together in book form, these provide one reading a day for one year, the complete Torah-reading cycle, including the special readings for the major biblical feasts. Each reading contains a short Hebrew text, a commentary that draws upon traditional Jewish writers and thought as well as the New Convenant writings and Christian commentators, some suggestions for futher study and a challenging application. Endorsed by major figures in the Messianic Jewish movement, such as Dr Dan Juster, Dr Mark Kinzer, Rabbi Russ Resnik, Eitan Shishkoff and Dr Richard Harvey, these books are a powerful study and devotional guide to reading the Torah in the Messianic Jewish way.

The books are very reasonably priced and are readily available from Amazon in a number of countries.

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Jonathan Allen's concise devotionals extract a living message for today from the Hebrew text of the Torah. Each study begins with the sidra, the traditional Jewish weekly Torah portion, goes on to discover a connection with the New Testament, and concludes with a practical application for followers of Messiah. Jonathan demonstrates once again that the Word of God is living and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword. (Rabbi Russ Resnik serves as UMJC Rabbinic Counsel and is author of "Gateways to Torah", "Creation to Completion" and "Divine Reversal")

Jonathan Allen's work is intellectually, academically and spiritually substantive without being stilted, overly technical or simply boring ... For those desiring a perspective on the Books of Moses that integrates reflections from the new Covenant authors, this volume and its companions provide a valuable addition, showing respect and relevance for both Jewish and Gentile readers. (Eitan Shishkoff leads the Tents of Mercy Network in Israel and is author of "What About Us?")

Jonathan Allen does a good job or providing short,reflective and helpful commentary on the weekly Torah readings from a Messianic Jewish perspective. He draws upon the riches of the classic Jewish commentators and views their insight through the lens of the New Covenant Scriptures. (Mark Kinzer is Senior Scholar and President Emeritus of Messianic Jewish Theological Institute; he is also author of "Post-Missionary Messianic Judaism" and "Searching Her Own Majesty")

Jonathan Allen is a profound teacher of the Scriptures from a Messianic Jewish perspective. His teachings, as represented in these volumes, are clear, easy to comprehend and insightful. Raders will find themselves both informed and inspired in their walk with Yeshua. (Daniel Juster was one of the founders of the UMJC and is now the dirctor of Restoration from Zion, one of the ministries of Tikkun International. He is the author of several books, including "Jewish Roots".)

In 2018, Wipf & Stock Publishers (of Eugene, Oregon) published Jonathan's first academic book, "A Profile of Jewish Believers in the UK Church". A revision of his PhD thesis, this explores what it is like to be a Jewish believer in Yeshua in the UK church through over fifty interviews. Comparing the field results against known social science theories of identity and memory, Jonathan shows how the church matches the expected behaviour that the theories predict and fails to match the biblical mandate developed from well-known passages in the books of Romans and Ephesians. The book is available from Amazon and, if you are in the UK, directly from Jonathan. Send him an email to order a copy at a special discounted rate.

A Profile
ISBN: 1532639953
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Jonathan Allen's study of Jewish identity in the church raises profound questions of critical interest for Jews, Christians and Jewish believers in Jesus. What is the experience today of Jewish disciples of Jesus as members of the Christian church? How are they perceived, and how in turn do such perceptions impact on their own identity construction and self-perception? The results of Allen's well-argued and detailed study need to be carefully examined by all who are interested in Jewish-Christian relations, Christian unity and the inter-relationship of theology and social identity. (Richard Harvey is a Senior Researcher with Jews for Jesus and author of "Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology" and "Luther and the Jews: Putting Right the Lies")

I have had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Allen for the three years during which he researched this book and I am delighted that it is now published. Not only is it a careful study of the experience of Messianic Jews in the United Kingdom but it is a hopeful study, one that is written to connect with Messianic Jewish scholarship, to nurture Messianic Jewish identity, and most importantly to consider a way forward. Allen's intention is missionaol, namely that the culture of the Jewish believe in Christ is not lost from our churches. (Howard Worsley is the Vice-Principal and Tutor in Mission at Trinity College, Bristol, and author of "A Child Sees God: Children Talk About Bible Stories" and "Anglican Church School Education: Moving Beyond The First Two Hundred Years")

At the risk of being 'a voice crying in the desert' Jonathan Allen lives the Pauline Ephesians vision of One New Man. Since Messianic Judaism's emergence with such strength last century, the theology and practice of Jewish belief in Jesus/Yeshua worldwide has caused migraines and heart murmurs for Christian theologians and church leaders. This research snap-shot puts the United Kingdom church on alert that there is much progress yet to be made. (Timothy Butlin is the vicar of St. Peter's Anglican Church, Loudwater, United Kingdom)