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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Eucharistic Space

Spaces for the Sacred: Place, Memory, and Identity,
Philip Sheldrake, John Hopkins/SCM, 2001, page 32

Sheldrake starts with the assertion (and will explain in a later chapter) that 'eucharistic space has a particular potency in terms of the tension between local and universal.' Let the man speak:

On the one hand, every Eucharist exists in a particular place and time. On the other hand, each Eucharist is both a practice of transgression and a transitus or transit point, a passageway between worlds that prefigues the conclusive 'passing over' that is ultimately brought about in death.

That doesn't sound so good, but here's the final point:

Eucharistic space enables the particularity of local place to intersect in the risen and ascended Jesus with all time and all place.

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