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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Translation Limitations

The Cross-Cultural Process in Christian History: Studies in the Transmission and Reception of Faith,
Andrew F. Walls, T&T Clark, 2002
Chapter 2, "Christianity in the Non-Wstern World" (pp. 27-48), page 30

Walls then points out that the history of Christian expansion has been both progressive and recessive and notes that:

... the recessions typically take place in the Christian heartland, in the areas of greatest Christian strength and influence - its Arabias, as one might say - while the advances typically take place at or beyond its periphery.

Does this mean, perhaps that translation has stopped in the centres? That the church is failing to adapt to the changes in society and stay revelant? Perhaps become complacent and colonial in its heartland, while outwards mission realises that it doesn't have that luxury?

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