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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Polysysyems and Hosting

In the area of translating culture as well as language, Pym draws attention to where translation is sited, to which system or culture is hosting the translation and could be considered to own it and the vocabulary and symbols being used. He says:

The translations can become a key element in the literature (and thus "innovative" or "central"); they may be secondary or unimportant ("conservative" or "peripheral"); or they can occupy positions in between.

It is therefore important for us to consider what position Messianic Judaism occupies with regard to the church. Does the church see it as a translated sub-system and part of the church's polysystem? Is it being hosted by the church, or should it be hosting the church, in which case, what translation is involved here? Who owns the vocabulary and the symbols? Is the church afraid of that?

We also need to know what function JBYs (translated Messianic Jews) perform in the church. Are they central or peripheral? Are they changing/challenging or reinforching the receiving culture?

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