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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Public Experience

The Creative Word: Canon as a Model for Biblical Education, Second Ed.,
Walter Brueggemann, Fortress Press, 2015, page 36-37

Brueggemann notes that Israel tells stories to tell what happend to them, what they have seen and heard - as a means of anchoring identity in experience. This is an urgent matter of education.

The Torah is for the nuture of public experience. Such a notion is not simply making the best of a bad situation, but is an urgent insistence upon the communal character of human life and the strange processes of transmission and inheritance in the historical community. It is simply not true, so Israel would claim, that personal experience is adequate for life. The community - some community, counter-community or anti-community - shapes perception and governs personal experience. Not only is private experience not adequate for life, it is a deception to speak of private experience; for all human experience is deeply social.

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