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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Meaningful Activities

Confessions of a Jewish Skeptic,
Sarahbeth Caplin, Createspace, 2016, page 44

What activities are meaningul to or for you? What glorifies G-d in your life, so qualifies as meaningful (by some definitions)? Sarahbeth addresses this:

I certainly feel that some activities are always meaningful; spending time with family, preparing a home-cooked meal for friends, reading a story to a child. I'm getting a little tired of hearing others dictate what is or is not meaningful as if it's a hard, obvious fact. There have always been a handful of people in my life who don't subscribe to any religion but have cooked for me, opened their homes to me and lent me good books. Some people would saythose gestures were meaningless for being done outside the glory of G-d.

I must digress: I think all good things come from G-d. It's not for me to say that a stranger's life is devoid of meaning because their religious views and life choices differ from mine. I think G-d is glorified any time we experience pleasure from good things. Glory in bite-sized pieces makes more sense to me.

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