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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Framing the Question III

Memory and Identity in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity,
Tom Thatcher ed., SBL, 2014, page 167

Summing up the background and Werner Kelber's work, Dr Keith writes:

Like the form critics against whom he argued, then, Kelber saw the transition from orality to textuality as the threshold between to early Christian epochs and as a significant marker between two Christologies. Unlink the form critics, he saw the transition from orality to textuality as a cataclysmic explosion demanding explanation rather than casual dismissal as the logical outcome of oral-transmission processes.

The transition from a bi-lingual Hebrew/Greek expression to a mono-lingual and monocultural Greek expression happened at the same time. What effect did this have on the viability of the respective Hebrew and Greek speaking churches?

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