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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Practice of Translation

Siting Translation: History, Post-Structuralism and the Colonial Context,
Tejaswini Niranjana, University of California Press, 2015, page 2

How and when does translation take place? Why does it take place and what does it accomplish? According to George Steiner, it happens every time anyone speaks or communicates and again when someone else receives that communication. It is any everyday thing, a commonplace, and yet there are also distinct and intentional acts of translation between those who do speak the same language, the promulgation of documents and - in larger units - in the writing and sharing of books. Tejaswii Niranjana is concerned about the way in which subjects are constructed by the process of translation in a post-colonial context.

Translation as a practice shapes, and takes shape within, the asymmetrical relations of power that operate under colonialism. What is at stake here is the representation of the colonised, who need to be produced is such a manner as to justify colonial domination ...

... and to want or ask for the benefits of colonisation for themselves.

How does this apply in the church and JBY context? How does the church 'produce' or render Jewish believers in Yeshua? As the dominant 'Christian' power, how are Jews in general and JBYs in particular represented? Are they those who have been colonised, who have been brought within the hegemony of the church power? And is there some irony attached to that in that it was originally the Gentiles who were colonised and brought within the hegemony of the Jewish kingdom of heaven.

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