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Friday, 25 March 2016

Jewish Tradition II

The Parables: Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation,
Brad H Young, Hendricksen, 1998
Chapter 11, "The Find" (pp. 199-221), page 207

In his next point, Dr Young draws a parallel between the kingdom parables and the story of the rich man who came to Yeshua:

He had observed the teachings of the law from his youth but has failed to become concerned about the needs of the poor. Observing Torah, in the mind of Jesus, demanded radical action.

In order to love his neighbour, the rich man would have to release his abundance to help others.

Jesus called him to the inner circle of disciples by asking him to sell all and give the money to the poor. The other disciples had left homes and businesses to devote themselves to the kingdom teachings of Jesus.

The rich man walked away from the conversation with nothing, for he knew now that his possessions were worthless, but Yeshua's disciples were able to rejoice like the men in the parables. Can you?

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