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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Christian Teaching V

Seeing Judaism Anew: Christianity's Sacred Obligation,
Ed. Mary C. Boys, Rowman and Littlefield, 2002
Chapter 14, "Covenant and Conversion" (pp. 163-174), page 165-166

From revelation to salvation ...

Christians live in the hope of salvation. The Christian concept of salvation includes many elements: release, deliverance, forgiveness, holiness, justification, victory, reconciliation, restoration, fulfillment and eternal life. Nearly all Christians understand salvation to include deliverance from evils, both personal and collective, forgiveness of sin and the restoration of all - and of the whole universe - to G-d. Salvation is best thought of as a process, not a "once for all achievement." Many Christians envision eternal life as an unbroken communion with G-d and, with others, in G-d. While we cannot say exactly what eternal life with G-d will be like, Christians know that the clearest indication of what G-d will do in heaven is what G-d has done in the past.

While financial advisers are obliged to tell you that past performance is no guarantee of future yields, Dr Spillman seems to be saying the opposite: what G-d ihas done He will do again.

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