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Sunday, 7 February 2016

A Eighth Element of a Post-Supersessionist Christology

Seeing Judaism Anew: Christianity's Sacred Obligation,
Ed. Mary C. Boys, Rowman and Littlefield, 2002
Chapter 11, "Jesus as the Universal Saviour" (pp. 127-137), page 135

Not content with declaring that all religions are essentially equivalent, Phan now takes (what for him is surely) the next logical step.

Though Jesus Christ is confessed by Christisns to be the fullness of revelation and the definitive saviour, there is also a reciprocal relationship between him and other "saving figues". Jesus' "uniqueness" - or more appropriately, his "definitiveness" - is not absolute but relational.

Phan backs up his assertion by pointing out that Yeshua did not and could reveal everything to the disciples. They were to be dependent on the Holy Spirit to reveal the whole truth to them later ...

... by means of a dialogue with other religions in which he is actively present.

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