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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Why will 'All Israel' be saved? III

Paul and the Torah,
Lloyd Gaston, Wipf & Stock, 2006, page 148

Gaston's third answer to the question "Why will all Israel be saved?" goes like this:

Because a remnant of Jews, Paul and his co-workers, responded to the missionary task, therefore God will act graciously towards all Israel. That is how the concept of the representative righteous has functioned from Genesis 18 down to the later Jewish concept of the Lamedvovniks (the thirty six righteous in each generation). This third answer, with which the chapter begins, is not mentioned again after verse 16a at the latest. While it is consonant with the first answer, it is not really the same, and so it is quietly dropped to be subsumed under the first.

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