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Monday, 28 December 2015

Why will 'All Israel' be saved? I

Paul and the Torah,
Lloyd Gaston, Wipf & Stock, 2006, page 147

Working from Paul's assertion in Romans 11:26 that "all Israel will be saved", Gaston asks five times why - Why will all Israel be saved?

The first answer is that God is faithful to his covenant and forgives. Or, to say the same thing in slighty different words, "irrevocable are the gracious gifts and calling of God" (11:29). Another way to put the very same thing is to say that Israel is "beloved for the sake of the fathers" (28). All of these variants were known to Paul from the biblical tradition, and they would continue in later Jewish tradition, to support what E. P. Sanders calls the very centre of the Rabbinic "pattern of religion" (m. Sanhedrin 10:1), "All Israel has a part in the age to come."

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