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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Not Enough

Unity and Diversity in Christ: Interpreting Paul in Context: Collected Essays,
Willian S. Campbell, Cascade Books, 2013, page 78

Is this an all or nothing situation? Campbell continues his argument:

Paul appears to be insisting that it is not enough that individual Jews find faith in Christ; he wants the salvation of Israel, but not simply as a small remnant attached to a predominantly gentile church.

Well, just that picture seems to be more that he has had up until very recently - with any Jewish converts becoming rapidly assimilated away into default gentile status. Even now, lots of the church thinks and behaves this way. But Campbell is firm that:

Paul's formula to the Jew and also the the gentile is thus an affirmation of Israel's status as the covenant people rather than an annulment.

Many see the affirmation of Israel's covenant and the gospel to the gentiles as being mutually exclusive, bu Capmbell insists they are not:

Paul's theme in Romans, therefore, is not that the goal of the divine purpose is the salvation of the gentiles; it is rather the salvation of Jews and gentiles both.

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