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Friday, 13 November 2015

Epilogue II

Torah and Canon: 2nd Edition,
James A. Sanders, Cascade Books, 2005, page 140

Finally, in our last quotation from James Sander's powerful and provocative book, Sanders tries to sum up his thoughts:

When you really need to know who you are and what you should do when all falsehood is swept away and nothing marginal or superficial distorts the qyestion, then hope resides in the community's historic memory, which is the locus of its identity. And that historic memory operates in the dialogue between the sharp answers the community must put to its canon and the answers that emerge from the dialogue. In the final analysis canon addresses itself to those ultimate questions the community has when it confronts its transcendant reality, or is forced to face the possibility of its non-being.

I have enjoyed this book - it has a lot to teach!

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