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Friday, 16 October 2015

Recital and Memory

Torah and Canon: 2nd Edition,
James A. Sanders, Cascade Books, 2005, page 27

Although there are shorter and longer recitals, the all appear to be under the aegis of G-d. Sanders comments on the integration into the festival cycle:

It is the story that is always at the center of the memory in cultic recitations, whether it is recalled or recited in the compass of one festival service or spread out over a longer calendar period embracing the annual festivals, each of which celebrated some aspect of the story. The difference between the shorter-compass recitals, such as that in Deuteronomy 26, and the full JE complex is the difference between a single festival service in the cult and the fuller annual calendar of such services.

Posted By Jonathan, 8:00am Comment Comments: 1

Friday, 16 October 2015
Comment -

Hence the outrage when a supersessionist model is introduced, whether by Christians or Muslims. The former trashed the story by ignoring it or reinterpreting the story in a gnostic ahistorical format; the latter's more extreme ahistorical approach was to discard the story completely choosing to rewrite it from scratch while pilfering elements from the old in the process.

In spiritual warfare terms the onus is on the church to slam the supersessionist door firmly shut - hence TJCII !!!

Posted By Timothy Butlin 09:43am