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Friday, 9 October 2015

Phenomena Takeover

The Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited,
John Howard Yoder, SCM Press, 2003, page 171

So what happened when the church 'took over' the role? How did or could they improve on the Jewish model? Yoder explains:

Jesus' impact in the first century added more and deeper authentically Jewish reasons, or reinforced and further validated the already expressed Jewish reasons, for the already established ethos of not being in charge and not considering any local state structure to be the primary bearer of the movement of history. To this same stance the second generation of witnesses after Jesus, the 'apostles', added another layer of further reasons, still utterly Jewish in form and substance, having to do with the Messiahship of Jesus, His Lordship, and the presence of the Holy Spirit ... unimpeachably Jewish ideas.

This really does sound like a very Jewish party! Yoder concludes:

Until the messianity of Jesus was replaced by that of Constantine, it was the only ethos that made sense.

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