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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

More Dynamic Analogy

Canon & Community: A Guide to Canonical Criticism,
James A. Sanders, Wipf and Stock, 2000, page 71

James Sanders gives a further example of dynamic analogy using one of the parables:

Dynamic analogy also means identifying with different characters in the accounts and not always the same ones, each time read. In the parable of the hundred sheep in Luke 15, one may identity with the lost sheep, which most people do without thinking about it; or with the shepherd, which many pastors and teachers may do.

But who else is in the story with whom to identity, some will say. Sanders continues - how about

the ninety nine faithful who were left in the wilderness exposed to preying animals and the elements, while the shepherd left them looking for the sheep that wandered off. We really learn the meaning of grace then!

He's got a point there. Don't forget the crowd watching Yeshua invite Himself to lunch with Zaccheus.

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