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Sunday, 2 August 2015

So what is Scripture?

Canon & Community: A Guide to Canonical Criticism,
James A. Sanders, Wipf and Stock, 2000, page 69-70

Sanders agrees that the Bible is a fantastic resource for reconstructing history, but insists that is not either its primary or canonical function.

Scripture is not so much a treasury of wisdom from antiquity, as it is primarily a paradigm provided by our ancestors in the faith for ways to decline the nouns and conjugate the verbs of G-d's creation of and redemption of His world. It is also a way to decline and conjugate the nouns and verbs of believers in any generation who are called to pursue the Integrity of Reality. It is a paradigm on ways to monotheise and to narrate the current episodes of the ongoing story of creation and redemption, and on ways to prepare for that eschaton when the story will culminate in the fullness of that reality.

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