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Friday, 17 July 2015

A Mutual Shaping

Canon & Community: A Guide to Canonical Criticism,
James A. Sanders, Wipf and Stock, 2000, page 30

In the middle of engaging with the work of Brevard Childs, Sanders points again to the effect of community:

The period of intense canonical process were the sixth century BCE and the first CE with the periods of early Judaism and early Christianity contibuting to the process. Ths signal point here is tha canonical criticism shifs the focus of attention on canonisation away from the councils to a historical process.

He then quotes Childs directly:

The issue at stake is the nature of the process by which Israel shaped and was shaped by those traditions whose divine authority was experienced, accepted and confessed. Brevard S. Childs, "Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture", 172

Notice the two-way traffic here - in the process of living and experiencing relationship with G-d, both the people and the canon were shaped.

Posted By Jonathan, 8:08am Comment Comments: 1

Friday, 17 July 2015
Comment -

There is a really good monograph by Donald Gowan, "Bridge Between The Testaments" with an excellent chapter on the historical process by which the canon was formed and the interaction between text and community in bringing about the shape of the received Tanach. Gowan has revised this volume relatively recently.

Posted By Timothy Butlin 08:24am