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Friday, 10 April 2015

Coding Standards

The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers, 2nd Edition,
Johnny Saldana, Sage, 2013, page 2

Setting out his stall for the appropriateness of coding in qualitative research, Saldana introduces the two ends of the spectrum of opinion, starting with:

Any researcher who wishes to become proficient at doing qualitative analysis must learn to code well and easily. The excellence of the research rests in large part on the excellence of the coding. Anselm Strauss (1987), Qualitative Analysis for Social Scientists, Cambridge University Press, page 27

and going to:

But the strongest objection to coding as a way to analyse qualitative research interviews is not philosophical but the fact that it does not and cannot work. It is impossible in practice. M. Packer (2011), The Science of Qualitative Research, Cambridge University Press, page 80

So there you have it. As the Bard himself might have written: To code or not to code; that is the question!

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