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Monday, 23 February 2015

Why do we need 'home'?

Spaces for the Sacred: Place, Memory, and Identity,
Philip Sheldrake, John Hopkins/SCM, 2001, page 10

Philip Sheldrake gives four reasons why we need a 'home':

  1. we persistently need a location where we can pass through the stages of life and become the person we are potentially
  2. we need a place where we can belong to a community
  3. we need a place that offers a fruitful relationship with the natural elements, with plants and animals and with the rhythms of the seasons
  4. we need a place that offers access to the sacred (however we understand that term) - perhaps, crucially, relates us to life itself as sacred

Which would you rate as being the most important? Have you or do you have all four?

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