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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Grounded Theory Method

Grounded Theory for Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide,
Cathy Urquhart, Sage, 2013, page 4

I'm considering using Ground Theory Method (GTM) as the principle means of organising and analysing my research data. This is not yet a hard and fast decision, but it does seem to offer some advantahes, not least of which is that it is particularly relevant where there is little existing theoy in the field. Cathy Urquhart says:

GTM is ... a wonderful method of analysing data and building theory. In this book, I want to share what is, for me, the excitement and passion of doing analysis this way ... the features of the method mean that you are so close to the data you gain all sorts of rich insights; these insights almost invariably lead to excellent research.

Well, since I'm certainly after that, let's read on ...

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