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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Erasure of Difference

Imitating Paul - a Discourse of Power,
Elizabeth A. Castelli, Westminster/John Knox Press, 1991, page 119

I found this book in the library yesterday. Dating from 1991, but cited in many papers and books, it talks about how Paul's "Imitate me" exhortation has been used or mis-used as a power play.

The erasure of difference through the call to imitation is, as we have seen, a pragmatic and conceptual part of Paul's consolidation of his apostolic authority. By promoting the value of sameness, he is also shaping relations of power.

Look around you, in your congregations, in your churches, particularly those who have a strong discipleship or personal mentoring model. Look at the groups, circles and inner circles, all trying to learn ministry from their leader and do it the way they do. Is this too a power play, erasing difference and consildating power in sameness?

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