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Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Inspiration of Scripture

The Inspiration of Scripture: Problems and Proposals,
Paul J Achtemeier, Westminster/John Knox, 1980, page 125

Achtemeier argues that because the traditions contained in the biblical texts are

not primarily concerned with historical fact so much as they are concerned with the significance of those past events for the present, and the promise they hold for the future

means that the past has great but not conclusive importance.

Posted By Jonathan, 9:00am Comment Comments: 1

Thursday, 30 October 2014
Comment -

Such an argument seems to me to be at odds with, say, Psalm 78 which makes past history decisive in learning of God's nature and faithfulness. Elsewhere the psalmist enjoin us to keep remembering and the fact that Israel had scant respect for remembering the past was decisive in their falling away from God and his truth at various points in their history.

Posted By Timothy Butlin 09:14am