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The Analytical Hebrew & Chaldee Lexicon
Benjamin Davidson

Hendrickson Publishers
896 pages
ISBN: 0913573035

One of the standard reference works - in spite of its age - this is one of the most frequently used tools in our language set. Originally printed by Samuel Bagster and Sons Ltd. of Paternoster Row, London, in 1848 - and now published by Hendricksen in facsimile form - this is the book we most often turn to in parsing or analysing a Hebrew word. Widely criticised by purists as being the scourge of Hebrew scholars, because it makes it too easy to look up a word rather than developing skills and stamina in properly understanding the Hebrew language grammar and syntax, it is nevertheless an immensely useful book for beginners - because it gives an almost immediate breakdown and derivation of every word in the Hebrew and Aramaic scriptures.